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 "Doors" the movie Song: Off to Sir Ronts

Welcome to our website everyone, I’m Charlie Boxbugz!   


I wanted to give you some background on Boxbugz and how it got started. When my son Grasshopper was in elementary school he did a project where the kids had to make original items and sell them to each other at a fair for charity. Naturally like any fifth grader, Grasshopper informed me about the project the day before the event right before bedtime! 


Like any good father, I hauled Grasshopper and his little brother Meen Green off to the dollar store and we got some items broke them apart and put them back together to make a cool gift that Grasshopper could sell.  At first, Grasshopper wanted to go to school with a colorful party box to sell but I told him if he was to go with a box it would have to be the most awesome box like no other. We were going to transform that box like on the tv show “Chopped”… bring me the fish head, good sir!  So, we got our supplies from the dollar store and created some boxes.


The idea was to make the boxes look like characters. Some were made to look like a flower hybrid box creature. Next, we constructed a robot and also made a humanoid-like box with a pinwheel for its hair (so cool)! They all came out great and it was off to the kids market the next day. 


My word Grasshopper, it’s  far past bedtime so time to get some sleep !” 


Grasshopper came back home after school the next day having sold all six boxes that we made. The kids at the fair loved them and walked up to him, put money on the table, and walked off. He also excepted a gold dollar from one kid. I was so proud and encouraged by the entrepreneurial fire lit in Grasshopper that I promised him that I would turn Boxbugz into a real company.


The current Boxbugz you see on our website resulted from a little over 6 years of tinkering. However, none of them are the original ones that Grasshopper sold at his school fair. When we blow up we will do a founders edition and recreate the first ones for you! Until then help us glow up and Get Your Own Box! 

Boxland Bound!




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